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As the situation with the coronavirus continues to develop we are here to help. We want you to know that we have customer service reps available and ready to assist you during this time. Please either contact us directly by phone or email and we will get back to you quickly.


Are you a current customer*¹ of Greenline Loans? If you are, then join our customer referral program. It's simple, and you could start earning money as soon as today!

Here's how it works:

Tell a friend or family member about Greenline Loans. If that person is ever in the need of a loan, and mentions that he/she was referred to Greenline Loans by you, the $10 credit is yours!*²

If you refer 5 people, that's an extra $50 in your pocket! There is no limit to the amount of referral credit you can earn through this program. It's that simple!

How do I receive my referral credit?

You decide! There are two ways to receive the credit:

  1. The money can be deposited directly into to your checking account that we have on file.
  2. The credit can also be applied to your current loan balance with Greenline Loans.

Once you qualify for the credit, we will send you an email confirmation, and require that you respond with how you want to receive the credit.

If you have any questions about the referral program, call us at 1-877-596-1337

*¹ You must be a "Current Customer" to qualify for the credit. "Current customer" meaning you have had in the past or currently have active loan with Greenline Loans.

*² The person that you refer must fill out and submit the application on the website, be able to identify you by your full name and email address, and qualify for a loan with Greenline Loans.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the person(s) that you refer to Greenline loans knows to mention your full name and that he/she has your email address. This information will be required to identify you and process the referral credit.

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